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Child ADHD Treatments in Westfield, NJ

Find a treatment that works by coming to our child ADHD psychiatrist. Having more than 35 years of experience in the field, we are able to accurately diagnose your son or daughter and provide targeted child ADHD treatments. In Westfield, NJ, we perform comprehensive evaluations and a patient-centered approach to therapy. By prescribing the right medication, we alleviate negative symptoms and help your child live a more balanced life.

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Reasons to Use Our Child ADHD Psychiatrist

Since all children are different, treatment will not be the same for everyone. This relates to brain chemistry, personality, and a whole host of other factors. One child may experience dramatic improvement with a particular medicine, yet another will find no relief. Because everyone responds differently, finding the right medication and dosage is important. Fortunately, we have advanced degrees in child ADHD psychiatry. There is no learning curve with us. Our doctors at Westfield Psychiatric Group provide the treatment your child needs to improve at school, enjoy better relationships with others, and decrease stress and frustration.

What Are the Signs of Childhood ADD & ADHD?

You have an energetic child — very energetic. How do you know when to get an evaluation for ADD or ADHD? Before treating your child, our child ADHD doctor provides a comprehensive, thorough assessment using advanced diagnostic methods based on specific guidelines. Rest assured, ADHD is a very treatable condition. After a diagnosis, we discuss our findings, your needs, and the needs of your child, and then recommend the right treatment path for you. A few of the symptoms indicating your child may have ADHD include:

  • Easily Distracted or Bored
  • Appears Not to Listen
  • Difficulty Remembering Things or Following Instructions
  • Makes Careless Mistakes
  • Trouble Staying Organized, Planning Ahead, & Finishing Projects
  • Frequently Loses Homework or Other Items
  • Constantly Fidgets & Squirms
  • Difficulty Sitting Still or Playing Quietly
  • Talks Excessively
  • Has a Quick Temper
  • Acts without Thinking
  • Often Interrupts Others
  • Difficulty Keeping Certain Emotions in Check

A Patient-Centered Approach to Treatment

Are you looking for an experienced psychiatrist that listens to your needs, is responsive, and is actively communicative with you? At our office, we believe a patient-centered approach is crucial in treatment. Our primary goal is to improve your child’s quality life and make yours easier as well. We prescribe a wide variety of medications, such as Ritalin or Adderall, to help your child stay focused and calm. That way you and your child enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Contact us to schedule an initial one-hour appointment with one of our psychiatrists. We proudly serve clients throughout Westfield, Scotch Plains, Cranford, Springfield, Montclair and Union, New Jersey, as well as the surrounding areas.

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