Medical Information

We would appreciate if you would bring a list of any medications you are presently taking as well as any other pertinent information regarding your health.

Medical Insurance

We do not participate with most insurance companies. The patients should contact their insurance company to find out what their out of network benefits are, what address they will need to send mental health claims and most importantly to find out if prior authorization is necessary. If pre-authorization is necessary and the patient fails to get in prior to the appointment, the insurance company may refuse to pay your claim.

Financial Policuy

We collect payment at the time of the visit. We do not submit insurance claims unless we participate with your insurance company. You will receive a superbill at your office visit which will contain all the information your insurance may need. You may submit that form attached to whatever form your insurance company requires. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, cash or check.


We do not accept Medicare. Medicare limits do not apply to the doctors in this practice. Supplemental insurance plans may also elect not to pay for services not covered by Medicare. This sometimes results in no reimbursement at all.


It is our policy to call each patient a day or two before your appointment. As we do attempt to call everyone, it is not always possible to reach each patient. Please do not use our confirmation as your only reminder. If you do not wish to be called, please tell the receptionist.


To avoid being charged for a missed appointment, please notify the office as soon as possible if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment. If you have any questions regarding your appointment or our office policies, please call our Westfield office and speak with our office manager, Vicki.

We look forward to meeting you!